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Whatever the venue — from large arenas to basic meeting spaces— Stellar Visions and Sound will exceed your expectations in both sound quality and service. 

Our staff brings years of experience to make every detail of your event truly stellar.

Our Audio Philosophy

It is not enough to just cover parts of a  venue.  Whether it is an arena, outdoor shed, theatre, convention center or ballroom, every seat in the house must be approached as if it were the only seat. In order to achieve the highest of standards in sound it is necessary to provide the most cutting edge equipment.

In truth and theory several manufactures produce equipment that is suitable for several different applications.  However, only a select few accomplish the impossible and provide equipment designed to succeed in every application.

The noted futurist Luigi Russolo once penned the phrase, “The art of noise.”

Today the German manufacture d&b Audio Technik has taken that statement one step further and defined the “Art of sound.”  d&b does not just manufacture loudspeaker cabinets; they produce a system of compatibility, modularity, and reliability.  d&b offers more than a loaded box of electronics, but a system of components- the mainframe, amplifiers, and controller modules.  These individual components together make up a unique sophisticated system that exceeds the limits of today’s demands.

The new compact generation of line array is not to be taken lightly.  Instead it is a tool by which future tools will be modeled.  Smaller venues are now able to enjoy the benefits of a line array. Whereas before only sites of substantial size could accommodate the large line array systems.  The line array a non-conventional method of arraying loudspeakers that maintains horizontal dispersion while reducing vertical dispersion.  Allowing controlled patterns and adjustable coverage.  Thus, sound is directed to listeners in a complete coverage pattern. 

It is a fact that the d&b Q1 Line Array system has far surpassed the industry competition at this present time.  Their use of technology and exceptional dispersion control of all frequencies has allowed d&b to make the Q1 passive two-way system a compact design, which provides satisfaction for every application.  Combined with the Q-sub there is a symmetry that is unparalleled, which offers incredible flexibility.  Stellar Visions & Sound uses computer modeling to design the proper array for each venue.

To compliment the line array and to allow for all areas of coverage, Stellar Visions and Sound also offers other d&b systems that are advanced, compact, and efficient

Stellar Visions and Sound is state-of-the-art technology while providing the audience with the “Art of Sound”.

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