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In today’s production market one not only has to stay abreast of the latest and greatest technology, but do so in a cost effective, unique, and affordable manner.

Clients and audiences demand the best in today’s technology driven society.  Gone are the days of throwing up speakers and adjusting a knob here and there.  The computer and digital age has reached almost all facets of life, including all aspects of event production.  More than ever before the show must not only go on, but also go on in a crystal clear and flawless fashion. Stellar Visions and Sound is committed to the art of event production and to provide our clients professional, courteous service.

Our Philosophy

It is not enough to simply cover parts of a venue - every seat in the house must be approached as if it were the only seat. In order to achieve the highest of standards in sound, Stellar Visions and Sound utilizes a fully digital sound system. This creates spectacular frequency range and response, while providing the audience with the “Art of Sound.”

Our Impression

No video production job is too large or too small for our experienced production team. From a single projector in a meeting room to full multi-camera shoots, large screen concert projection, or television program conception, creation and editing, Stellar Visions and Sound can meet all your video production needs.

Our Vision

Whether you need an intimate corner of a room warmly lit for film or a fully illuminated coliseum laser rock show. Stellar Visions and Sound has years of expertise and the equipment to make any production visually spectacular. We have experienced personnel that have helped develop and rewrite the industry standards.

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